She’s been told once or twice she looks like her mom, Donna.  She’s even heard that she talks like her or has her mannerisms.  Those are just a couple of the reasons that made Sarah’s transition into the agency so natural.   In addition to assisting client with their insurance, she also handles the marketing for the agency.

Born and raised in Freeborn County and a farmer all of his life, his passion for people and farming lead him to the insurance business.  Knowledgeable.  Enthusiastic.  Fun.  Maybe not words you’d hear most people use to describe their insurance agent, but Brady’s clients do!

Kathleen Bleckeberg | Crop Insurance CSR

She takes on the task of managing the mountain of crop insurance paperwork and processing.  She helps Brady and the clients get their I’s dotted and T’s crossed and makes sure that the various deadlines are met throughout the year.  She also knows all those funny crop insurance acronyms, which is no small task!

Sara Christianson | CSR

Warmth, a witty sense of humor and above all, a caring nature is what Sara brings to the team.  She handles tasks such as vehicle changes and billing questions.  And, because of her caring nature, Sara does all that she can to assist clients each and every day.  We think so highly of her that we forgive the fact that she lives in that state that borders Minnesota to the south and cheers for a team called the Hawkeyes.