12 Claims of Christmas

12 claims of xmas.jpg

1. Partridge in a Pear Tree

Your partridge and your pear tree both perished in yesterday’s record breaking blizzard.
In fact, part of your once vibrant and healthy pear tree is now in your neighbor's living

Your neighbor would turn in a claim to their insurance company. Because the tree
was healthy and blew into their home because of a blizzard, you are not
considered at fault. Give them a fruitcake. It’ll make them feel better.

2. Turtle Doves

The Turtles Doves, a local bluegrass band, is booked for the community New Year’s Eve
celebration. An ice storm of epic proportions hits your town starting at noon and the
celebration is cancelled. Your community group has paid the band a non-refundable
booking fee and now the show literally cannot go on.

With event insurance, this weather event could be insured against. Expenses that
the community group already paid, such as the band fee, ballroom rental fee and
catering bills could be reimbursed.

3. French Hens

Three French hens escaped the barn at French Hen Farm, AGAIN. The hens tried to
cross the road. Two made it across. The third French hen was hit by a car and the
headlight and grill were damaged.

The driver of the car should contact the owner of French Hen Farm. The farmer
has a responsibility to make a reasonable attempt to keep his animals off the road
and away from cars. The insurance policy for French Hen Farm should pay for
damages to the car.

4. Calling Birds

These calling birds really use up the phone plan fast when they’re planning their
Christmas festivities and menu plans. Rose was talking to her sister while baking
gingerbread and her phone accidentally fell into the oven and no longer works.

Some homeowner’s insurance policies have an option to include coverage for cell
phones. Be sure to check with your agent to find out if you can insure your phone
on your policy.

5. Gold Rings

Gloria got a pretty emerald and gold ring for Christmas. When she was out for New
Year’s Eve and showing off her new ring, she noticed one of the emeralds was

If Gloria had called her insurance agent to add the ring to Inland Marine coverage
with a $0 deductible, the missing emerald would be covered, and Gloria wouldn’t
pay a deductible for the replacement stone. If she neglected to call her agent, the
replacement emerald would be subject to the policy deductible because it would
be considered personal property.

6. Geese a-Laying

It becomes apparent that these are not just regular geese when they begin laying golden

High value livestock and farm animals (like Registered cattle, Registered horses
or geese that lay golden eggs) can be scheduled on a policy to have lower
deductibles and increased coverages. Special policies are also available for
injury or mortality.

7. Swans a-Swimming

In December in Minnesota, there’s not many swans swimming or people boating.

Some companies offer special boat coverage and pricing for the winter months
when the boat is in storage. Call your agent to see if this is an option on your

8. Maids a-Milking

Your milking maids get injured from a herd of cows trampling them. Now you not only have no one to milk the cows, but you also have to pay for the injuries that your eight maids endured. 

Do you have work comp coverage for your employees?  It would pay for their injuries, medical expenses and lost wages.  Farm Extra Expense coverage within your farm policy would allow you to pay for interim farm help until the eight maids are able to get back to work.

9.  Ladies Dancing

The annual Christmas Cookie Exchange at Ella’s included some extra strong egg nog.  After exchanging cookies, the ladies turned up the music and decided to dance.  It was all fun and games until Dixie fell and hurt her ankle and had to be taken to the ER for x-rays.  

When Dixie checked into the ER, she reports that the fall happened at Ella’s house.  Since Dixie was injured away from her home, her medical insurance company will request that Ella’s home insurance company pay the first medical expenses that she incurred.

10. Lords a-Leaping

Your five grandkids, all under age five, stayed overnight stay during Christmas break.  Lots of playing and leaping on the furniture ensued.  In the midst of the leaping, Grandma’s glass of red wine got knocked over leaving a horrible stain in the middle of the room, on the white carpet. 

With Special Form coverage on your policy, a professional cleaning company could be brought into see if the stain could be removed.  If not, the policy would pay for the carpet in that area to be replaced.

11.     Pipers Piping

You’re expecting houseguests for the holiday and are busy washing sheets and towels for all the extra people.  While you’re out finishing your Christmas shopping, the pipe to the washer bursts and damages the flooring of your laundry room.

Sudden or accidental discharge of water is a covered claim on most homeowner’s policies.  If you had this coverage, repair and/or replacement of your floor would be covered by your insurance company.