Water, Water Everwhere...

Minnesota was hit with torrential rains last night.  For some of us, the thunder, lightening and the 5" - 7" of rain kept us awake.  For others, water coming in our basements is what kept us up.  If you're bailing water out of your basement here's a few quick steps to help you navigate a difficult day.

Step 1: Do what you can to contain water and prevent further damage.

  • Take photos and/or video of damage
  • Inventory items that are water damaged
  • Track the time you spend cleaning

Step 2: Determine source of water.  Is it:

  • Coming up through the drain?
  • Is the sewer backing up?
  • Sump pump failure?

Step 3: Contact your agent

Step 4: Determine if your policy includes the water and sewer backup endorsement

Step 5: If you have the endorsement, a claim is submitted

Step 6: Contact Cleaning Company, if needed

  • Hauser Chem Dry 507.280.9050
  • Steam Brothers 507.373.9850
  • ServiceMaster 641.323.1057
  • SERVPRO 507.334.2565 or 641.424.3382