How To Make Sure Your Polaris UTV Can Handle Anything in Minnesota

You’re planning to make the most of Minnesota’s extensive recreational trails this summer in a new Polaris Ranger or maybe you’re going to use that Polaris to get around your campsite in style.  

The Polaris Ranger and similar side by side styles are part of a newer class of vehicles called UTV’s - or Utility Task Vehicles.  UTV’s can be used off road for trail riding but also serve very practical purposes around the farm.  

So…it’s not a car and it’s not a motorcycle, how do you insure them?

Let’s find out how, with a few tips, to make sure you and your Ranger or other UTV policy is up to the task of protecting you if something goes awry.

Liability Coverage for Utility Task Vehicles

Liability is the first coverage to consider; although it’s only required in Minnesota if the UTV is licensed to drive down the road, we encourage everyone to carry the coverage.  
Liability helps cover bodily injury and property damage to others claims if you’re at fault for the accident. It can also help pay for your legal expenses.  
In addition, it can pay for other people’s medical costs and even their lost wages if their injuries prevent them from working.  

We recommend $300,000 minimum liability coverage.

Comprehensive and Collision Coverage for Utility Task Vehicles

This essentially means physical damage covered on your UTV.

Comprehensive and collision coverage is usually required if you have a loan on the vehicle.  

Comprehensive  or Other Than Collision coverage are fancy insurance words that mean coverage for things like theft, vandalism, falling objects, fire, flood and other certain natural disasters.  

Collision coverage on the other hand is used when you rollover or when you collide with another UTV.

Can You Protect the Stuff in Your UTV?

Some of the best UTV insurance companies will offer a form of contents coverage. Again, contents is a fancy word for stuff.  

This coverage could pay for personal property that is damaged, destroyed or stolen while you’re using the UTV.  That means you can get coverage for fishing or hunting gear – like that Ruger American Rifle with Redfield Scope you just bought yourself as an early Christmas/Birthday/Anniversary gift.

UTV’s are often upgraded with a cab, winch, hard top, stereo system, etc.  These all increases the value of the vehicle which is not included in the base policy.  Accessory coverage can be added to provide physical damage coverage to that equipment.  

Your deductibles are normally the same as Comprehensive and/or Collision. 
If you’re a die-hard Polaris fan and only want Polaris parts on your UTV if you need to repair the vehicle after an accident, you should add OEM coverage.  

This allows your vehicle to be repaired with new parts from the same manufacturer as who made your vehicle, whenever available.  Without OEM coverage, “generic” parts can be used.

What if I get hurt driving or riding in my UTV?

And finally, how are drivers and passengers protected?  

Companies can offer coverage for injuries so that if the injuries sustained in a UTV accident prevent them from working, this coverage could offset lost wages.  A death benefit may be payable if you and your Ranger meet up with a large tree and the tree wins, big time.
Drivers should also consider adding coverage for medical payments.  

This coverage helps offset medical costs from an accident, regardless of who is at fault.  

Whether it’s bumps and bruises after a collision or more serious injuries sustained from a rollover – medical bills will mount and this coverage would pay first, before your medical insurance.

Heart of The Matter

Having a Ranger is great fun – it also comes with some required decisions that fall squarely under the heading of “adulting”.  Spend some time adulting and first, consider what coverage you (and your lender) need on the vehicle itself.  Depending on what accessories you’re adding to the vehicle or what you’re using it for, you may need to add coverage for all your stuff…

Finally, agree that you’re not invincible and bad things can and do happen and get proper coverage to pay some medical bills.

Next Step

Get out there, enjoy the trails or put that UTV to work on your farm, if you have any questions about your UTV insurance and want make sure to get the right coverage on your policy, contact us.