Marriage, Switching Jobs & Car Insurance Savings

Posted by Katherine Moura  on March 05, 2014 in Consumers


This past June, I took the plunge and got married, and boy, was it incredible! The wedding itself was amazing, the planning, not so much. After my wedding, I thought I was finished with all the work, but wait, the list continued. I needed to change my name on every important document and plan involved in my life.

After changing my name at the social security office, dmv and banks, I realized I needed to update my car insurance to include my new last name. I went to my car insurance Web site and then proceeded to answer a series of questions.

Insurance company: Reason for changing your name?

Me: Marriage

Insurance company: Would you like to add your husband to your policy?

Me: Yes

I then filled out my husband’s information. BOOM, my rates immediately went down! Amazing! I was completely unaware of this bonus! My husband and I live in San Francisco, and as many of you know, life here is VERY expensive. Any corner we can cut to save money, well, that just rocks.

Then I had another surprise.

Insurance company: Do you drive for business, pleasure or both?

My Thoughts: Hold the phone Joan. I used to work for a company in Mountain View, CA, and I made the hellish 1.5 hour commute each way daily. I just switched jobs a few months after my wedding to work at CoverHound in San Francisco---yay! Now I take the Muni (public transit) to work, and my car is reserved for enjoyment on the weekends.

Me: Pleasure

Insurance company: How many miles do you drive per week?

Me: 1 to 15 miles

SCORE! More savings!

So despite the many sacrifices involved in getting married and changing jobs--hello, too many life changes at once--there are some real benefits and great savings on car insurance! Now, whenever you have a major life change, be sure to check with your insurance company to find out if a discount is available for you.